Thursday, April 21, 2011

Positivly Productive

This morning I had great expectations for today!
I woke up determined to finish my massive to do list and be super productive.

I was up early to finish up some work I had and then I was off to run some errands. I got like one thing done and then I saw a Subway restaurant and my tummy rumbled.
Breakfast was just a Fage yogurt with some chia seeds.

I had brought along a Larabar in case I got hungry, but it didn't help. I usually eat more for breakfast.
So, next thing I know, I was at home enjoying a turkey sub in front of the TV and catching up with the DVR.

 I felt like my super productive day turned into a super fail!
However, I decided to check something off and make an appointment to the orthodontist to pick up my new retainer since Daisy chewed my other beyond recognition.( don't ask....).
 I had been putting it off forever because I only wear it at night and really didn't miss it.
They had one appointment today and I was able to get in! So it worked out. =) 

keeping that straight teeth smile!

Please excuse the messy bathroom and clothes (and hair!)!!
 Told ya' I had a lot to do!

I saw this cute little guy at the doctor's office...

I even stopped at a little market on the way home and picked up some refreshing looking watermelon.


I still feel like I have a lot to do, but I think I'm just going to relax. Then, I'm going to watch J bowl tonight.
Sometimes you just have to take a break.

By letting my huge to do list control me, I was just adding too much stress.
I'm trying to focus on finding balance.
I might not get to exercise today, and I may have some dirty dishes in the sink, but that's ok! I'm starting to realize that by taking a break I am going to be even more productive in the future.

Is your to do list dragging you down??

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