Friday, May 6, 2011

Changing and Saving

Since losing our jobs last April, we've had to make some changes.
I used to be the type of person who really didn't pay attention to price tags. I know that makes me sound terrible, but it is true. J and I both had good jobs and made a good living.
.  The thought of a budget was foreign to us.


Then, when the income stopped, we were painfully aware that our spending habits needed to be changed. We were forced to pay attention to prices and what we were spending. We stopped using credit cards and kept records of what we were buying, but we still spent more than we made. We watched the bank account go down much faster than it was filling back up!

When I started working from home, I began to realize that things needed to change.
Here are some things we plan to work on.
            • Practice needs vs wants.
            • Use more coupons
            • Start a stockpile
            • Clean out and Ebay or Craigslist things we no longer use
            • Buy more in bulk when we can
            • Pay off our credit cards
            • Set up a budget
            • Follow the above mentioned budget
            • Try eat in month
            • Plan meals around sale and coupons
            • Plant a garden and learn to can.
            • Make one extra house payment a year
            • Get the most from our money

I am more excited than I though I would be to start making these changes! I know they will all bring us positive results!  I'm planing on doing separate posts on each one in the future and let you know how it's going!

Who knows... you may just see me on an episode of  "Extreme Couponing" someday!

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  1. I've always used coupons, but I've been a lot more diligent with it. With gas prices and not having a raise in 2 or 3 years I've needed to make a few changes.