Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everything is New

I went for my first run of the year on Friday! 
I started the day out by making breakfast for J and I. I just cooked 2 eggs on the stove, melted some cheese on them and put them on an everything bagel thin. They were very good!
I also added some watermelon and grapes to the meal.

I have been telling myself everyday that this is the day I am going to start running again.  I have been using work, cleaning, rain and weather as excuses for way to long.
 I told myself if I could just make it 20 minutes it would be an accomplishment.
I ended up going 54! I ran over 3.5 miles. Not great time, but I did walk some, and I am not really concerned about time anyhow. I was just glad that I was able to be outside running.
Everything looked so fresh and new!
Flowers were blooming, grass was growing and trees all had buds!

Some of  the songs I listened to today were:

"Only Girl in the World"- Rihanna
"Just Can't get Enough"- Black Eyed Peas (awesome running song IMO!)
Some old school Sublime

I saw a beautiful Doe run across my path, but she was too fast for me to snap a pic!

I had a bowl of yogurt, grapes, chia seeds and honey as an after workout snack

Zumba and the Beachbody workouts are fun, but running is my true love.
 I am so excited to be reunited with it again! 
I don't know what it is about running, but it makes me feel good about myself. It gives me time to relax and refocus on life and goals. I ended my run feeling much better than I have in a long time. I am excited to keep running and getting faster!

Since my birthday is in 14 days (yikes!) and I am going to be 29, I have decided to try to run 29 miles by my birthday, starting today.
You can keep track on my new running widget from daily mile.
I have no friends on daily mile yet, so if you use it (or want to start) please add me!

Wish me luck!

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Not running related, but somehting I've been thinking about lately.

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