Monday, June 6, 2011

They just know!

It is a beautiful day today!

The sun is out and the temperature is perfect!

I'm trying to enjoy the day as much as I can even though I woke up feeling slightly under the weather. Breakfast was a toasted bagel thin and that's about all I've eaten today.
That is one of the most annoying symptoms I have developed lately. No appetite. Zero. I don't feel like eating anything, but yet I am still gaining weight.
 Gotta love my endocrine system :(


Today is turning out to be a bit of a challenge.
 It's time for the pups annul vet checkup and J can't come with us. It's just going to be me and the dogs.  It is hard enough taking them when J is around to help out, I shudder the think of what is in store for me today. For some reason they just know they are going to the vet.
 Just like how they know when they are getting a bath.
Daisy refuses to go in the door to the vet, so she needs to be dragged or carried. Dragging really doesn't work so she usually gets carried. Sam is generally pretty easy going and friendly until little Daisy barks (which she does at any other animal or nothing at all). Then he get mad and becomes the protective big brother.
So close your eyes and imagine me holding Daisy in one hand and trying to control 60lb Sam in the other.
On the bright side, I am kind of excited to get Daisy weighed in. She is looking so skinny!  

Well, gotta ago round up the troops and head out! Wish me luck!

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