Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rub a Dub Dub 2 Doggies in a Tub!

Anyone who knows me knows I love my pups! And anyone who has dogs know that they needs baths from time to time. I'm pretty lucky because my dogs don't require any extenisive grooming, but sometimes they smell, well, like dogs. So, today it was time to bust out the shampoo and fill the tub.

A bath is in her future.....

My dogs are smart, really smart. Somehow they know when I'm filling the tub for them and not myself. Honest! I even try to trick them by not bringing out their shampoo and towels until they are in the bathtub, but it doesn't matter. As soon as the water starts, Sam gets a nervous twitch and Daisy lays on her belly and hides under the bed. After dragging Daisy out and coaxing Sammy into the bathroom we are ready to begin! First I just plop Daisy in the water and she kinda looks at me like "Get me outta here!" Even though she can probably jump out she doesn't tryand either does Sam as I lift him (all 60+ lbs of him!!) into the tub. Now of course, as a proud dog mamma, you know I have to snap a few pics They humor me for about 30 secounds before Daisy starts whinning. 

"Maybe she won't see me under here"

After that, I get down to business. Shampoo them both, cream rinse to make them shiney and finally rinsing them clean and watching all that dirty dog water go down the drain. I tried to dry them as fast as I could to keep them from shaking water all over my bathroom.

Isn't she adorable?

 For some reason my dogs get absolutely crazy after then get out of the bathtub. They run circles around the bathroom and bark and try to jump up on me. I swear they are smiling! Jason says it is because they are happy to be clean. I know it's because they expect a nice piece of pupperoni after they endure the bathing ordeal. So it's off to the kitchen, where they are already waiting.  Pupperonies devoured, now they are curled up sleeping at my feet dreaming of later tonight when they can run through the woods and roll in the mud.

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  1. Cute!! Their life is so wonderful. My dogs do the same thing, they run around all crazy like