Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Somewhere out there....

Earlier today I came upstairs to find my five year old dog, Sammy staring out the window. I just stopped and watched him for a minute. I wondered what he was thinking about. What was he looking at so intently and why?  We live at the end of a cul du sac and there is only one other house on our road so there isn't much but a lot of trees. I think maybe he was looking for the fat groundhog we regularly see eating a mid morning meal, or perhaps he was searching for the deer that pass through every now and then. While I stood and watched him,I starting thinking how small his world is. He has our house and an acre of invisible fenced in yard to roam. That's it. That is absolutely everything to him. Sure, he goes on walks, boat trips, the occasional trip to  "grandma's" house for a cookout and, of course, the vet. But truly, Jason, Daisy, the cats and I are everything he has. It made me start thinking of my own life it terms of size.  The world is bigger than I could ever imagine. Millions of people with millions of life stories with millions of ideas, friends, families, pets, etc. Everyone with their own life and trying to do their best to follow their own path. I mean, just think about it, as I am here in my kitchen, sitting here typing this life is going on outside. Babies are being born, pictures are being taken, tears are being shed, hugs are being shared, hearts are being broken, people are falling in love and others are saying goodbye. I have been thinking about his all day. Wondering why I am me, what am I doing here and what should I be doing. They are questions I have been contemplating a lot lately. I feel like maybe I am a little closer to the answer than I was before, but maybe not. Maybe there are no answers, maybe we spend out whole lives looking for something that doesn't exist. Perhaps Sammy was just stopping to take a breath and enjoy the moment, or maybe he really was just looking for that groundhog.

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  1. You must have had a really good English teacher to write like that.